Graphiti - Building Graphical Editors the Easy Way

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Easy and evolutionary development of state-of-the-art Graphical Editors?
A basic editor in 15 minutes? Without any code generation?
Appealing graphical presentation of any kind of Java domain model?
No need for any experience in GEF development?

You don't believe that? Then come to this talk and have a look at Graphiti.

Graphiti has found its place under the Graphical Modeling Project (GMP) and offers an Eclipse-based graphics framework for the easy development of state-of-the-art diagram editors for any kind of domain models (also non-EMF ones). The framework supports rapid prototyping and evolutionary tool development by providing simple APIs and rich default implementations that can be used to start-out with a very basic editor and refine it step-by-step.

The latest Graphiti release 0.8.0 is available as part of the Indigo release train and comes with lots of improvements. This talk gives an insight into some of the new features, shows exemplary tools that were built on top of it and typical coding developers need to write in order to build graphical tools on top of Graphiti. Besides there will be an outlook to the upcoming Eclipse Juno release.


Slides and example available

The shown slides and the example are now available from