Git from a different (CVS/SVN) perspective

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Standard [25 minutes]

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(And you thought you were doing them a favor, moving to Git)

The Eclipse community is moving to Git mostly from CVS repos.
Git is not only a proven technology but it is also still a hype. You "have to have Git" to be successful (at least in opensource). And don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of this move.

Among the promises that Git makes are:

  • you get your own local repository
  • you can commit even offline (in an airplane)
  • branching is no longer an unusual task but part of your everyday workflow and its so much easier with Git
  • you hated merging with CVS (SVN) ? you are going to love it with Git
  • Git is fast and easy

However if you step back for a second and look at it from the CVS angle, you find that most developers:

  • never asked for a local copy of "everything" including the history (aka the "repo")
  • rarely develop in airplanes (or feel the need to commit offline)
  • never create branches (they consume branches, but rarely create them, creating is considered releng work)
  • don't understand why unrelated modifications from two people require a merge in Git, while they stay unrelated in CVS
  • think that maybe Git is fast, BUT...

So while you think you do them a favor, you might meet resistence at the beginning.

If you think that CVS is all you ever wanted and like to skip this hype called "Git", this talk is for you. The talk address your concerns and highlights why Git has advantages over conventional SCM systems (and its NOT because you can commit in an airplane).

If you are a Git fan boy, this talk will give you a new angle on why sticking with CVS is attractive to some people but what are good arguments to convince them. (Isn't there also a lot of complexity in CVS ?)