EMF large-scale modeling outside Eclipse

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Standard [25 minutes]

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EMF is successfully used for almost every large Eclipse project, however EMF adoption outside of Eclipse ecosystem is very low. In this talk, Renat Zubairov from Talend will discuss how EMF is used for large scale meta-modeling in non-Eclipse projects. : Smooks - the extensible data binding and processing framework. In Smooks, EMF and Eclipse modeling technologies are used for data processing applications that model the UN/EDIFACT large legacy standards. UN/EDIFACT reference models built with EMF are used to store records for 40 different directories versioned over 10 years. With 2 releases per year, the system contains around 800 large models which are interconnected with each other.

During my talk I will cover following aspects/challenges:

  • Cultural challenge - Eclipse modeling is highly coupled and can't be used without Eclipse
  • Using EMF artifacts for Maven Builder - where to find artifacts, how to use them
  • Re-use of artifacts with and without Eclipse platform - tips and tricks for packaging and deployment
  • Deploying EMF-based application on Google cloud - appengine and EMF