Efficient C/C++ Tracing with Eclipse

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Tracing is a troubleshooting technique that relies on instrumenting code with tracepoints, either statically (at compile time) or dynamically (at run time). But, instrumenting is just the first step: the tracepoints need to be properly activated and the generated trace data needs to be collected, analyzed, and visualized to gain in-depth understanding of the behavior.

The ground work for tracing in Eclipse was done in the scope of the LTTng integration under the Eclipse Linux Tools project where the basis for a tracing framework was laid: event, trace, and analysis tools modelization; plug-in architecture; efficient handling of traces exceeding available memory, etc.

This talk will cover the latest contributions in this area for code instrumentation of user space, libraries, virtual machine and Linux kernel, it will describe the text parser wizard, analysis and visualization such as statistics, event distribution, sequence diagram and last but not least, the Common Trace Format (CTF) which was developed in collaboration with the Linux Foundation embedded work group and the Multicore Association Tool Infrastructure Work Group