Eclipse in Telemedicine and Health Care – A Success Story with RCP and RAP

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Standard [25 minutes]

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In several projects in the health care sector, the combination of RCP and RAP helped Vitaphone to develop applications with modular desktop and web clients extremely fast.

Vitaphone GmbH is a global leading provider of telemedicine services, telecardiological function diagnostics and innovative telemonitoring technologies. Since 2009, the company uses RCP and RAP to develop several products for the international health care market.

With the help of these technologies, it was possible to develop modular, responsive and reusable clients in very short implementation cycles. The product development cycle from conception phase to shipping-ready state was remarkably short, in spite of a small development team and the enormous amount of engineering standards required by the health care market. By combining a standard compliant development process with agile practices it was possible to fulfill all technical, medical and business requirements.

In this talk, we’ll share our experience with mastering single-sourcing projects with RCP and RAP based on OSGi. We will also provide some facts and figures from real-life product development, used technoligies and results.