Eclipse in Space - experiences in the use of Eclipse in the VEGA Space Launcher Project

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Standard [25 minutes]

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In this session ELV - European Launch Vehicle (the company in charge of the development of the new Vega Space Launcher) will relate the case study of the introduction of ECLIPSE in many software areas, ranging from the management of the mission data via ECORE metamodels, trasformation of these data into code - to be used for the space mission - via ACCELEO, build up of an Eclipse RCP to manage tests, mission data and test data analysis and validation via Acceleo and data reporting via BIRT. In the presentation, a mapping of a space industry (such as ELV) needs vs the capabilities offered by Eclipse environment and its plug-ins will be examined, together with the results (in terms of improvement of process and capabilities) of the application of these technologies in ELV.