Eclipse Scout features RAP: The Best of both Worlds

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Standard [25 minutes]

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We demonstrate our RAP integration into Eclipse Scout for the Juno release. For this, the light weight UI layer provided by RAP is used.

The RAP integration is very attractive for Scout developers. Complete business applications can be built within a very short time frame. The resulting app may then be deployed as a web application, a rich client application, or both. Outline of the talk:

  • Introduce the Scout framwork and RAP
  • Demonstrate the implementation of a small business application
  • Deploy the result as a web application and a rich client application
  • Show some RAP styling elements lets you build rich, ajax-enabled web applications by using the Eclipse development model. provides a modern business application framework that focuses on developer productivity and ease of use.


Great, thx Bernd

Great, thx

Hi Matthias, Hi Ralf, Hi

Hi Matthias, Hi Ralf, Hi Andreas

We would like to accept your talk as a standard talk. (The vast majority of talks will be standard talks) . Please let us know until Friday if this is ok for you.

Thank you