Eclipse Riena Workshop - Building an RCP Client/Server Application (Presented by Compeople)

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Sponsored Workshop

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In this workshop we would like to give you a "fast-forward" on how to build RCP applications based on Riena. We will assume that you are already familiar with RCP and OSGi concepts so that we can focus on what has been added in Riena.

To get started quickly we will supply USB Sticks containing everything needed for Mac, Windows and Linux. We also plan to make that content available ahead of time as a download.

Then we will introduce you to the basic concepts of the Riena UI and then we start to develop a Riena application step by step. The examples will already contain the domain specific code so that we can concentrate on the Riena specifics.

We will build:
- the navigation tree
- wire it with RCP views
- show you how to use Ridgets and how MVC works in Riena
- show the use of navigation and jump in Riena
- show the advantages of UI Processes
- consume the results of Remote Services that are based on OSGi Services

As part of the workshop we not only supply software but also a PDF with a detailed description of the workshop (so in case you get lost, you can catch up).

Attendees should be familiar with Eclipse RCP and Equinox.