Eclipse Linux Tools Project Update

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Standard [25 minutes]

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The Linux Tools project at Eclipse has grown from its humble beginnings as a place for Linux distribution collaboration into a hub for bringing Linux C/C++ developer tools into the Eclipse IDE. Building upon the Eclipse C/C++ tools (CDT), the Linux Tools project provides profiling, tracing, API browsing, and RPM deployment to the Eclipse IDE. A number of products are now built upon the Linux Tools project and it is targetting a 1.0 graduation release in time for Juno in June 2012. Come to this session to see demonstrations of existing plugins and future plans. Input from attendees on requests for future work will also be appreciated.



Sure, I can use the Fedora

Sure, I can use the Fedora work as an example of a consumer of Linux Tools.

Do you think it would be

Do you think it would be possible to have this session combined with