An eclipse client server architecture with asynchronous messaging based on XMPP

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Standard [25 minutes]

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In this talk I will present you how we leverage the XMPP protocol with a simple Smack/Apache Vysper stack to make our e4 rich client become responsive and alive whenever callbacks in the otherwise service oriented communication are missing.

We at Eiswind Software are providing a custom solution for the book publishing industry. It's based on a client server architecture with osgi/spring dm/hibernate/lucene on the backend and is equipped with a front end based on the e4 rich client platform. Basically it's a service oriented communication model, but one thing that's classically missing in this model is callbacks to the client from the server side.

We built a simple, lightweight solution based on XMPP messaging. I will present some showcases of features we realized with the extensible messaging protocol, how we use the availability part of XMPP for our floating licence model, and show you how responsive and alive client server computing can be with an asynchronous messaging model at your hand.



I plan to give a short introduction into the general architecture (its quite straightforward) as this is necessary for e.g. to understand what we do with "not so optimistic locking" when two users open the same database object in an editor. Unfortunately it's not an open source project, but I am able to give source insight to individuals on request.

Sounds very interesting. Is

Sounds very interesting. Is the source code available? I guess this might be interesting for many projects. Will your talk "just" focus on the messaging part or do you describe the general architecture as well?