Eclipse, Ancient Style

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Attend this talk to learn about the Eclipse Long Term Support (LTS) program. This new program will provide infrastructure and governance to allow support for Eclipse software long past the usual two maintenance builds we see today.

Stonehenge, The Pyramids, Haiga Sophia, and other wondrous structures are examples of human endeavours that have stood the test of time. It wasn't easy. These monuments and architectural wonders have had to face wars, cultural upheaval, harsh weather, and more as they crossed the centuries.

Technology is known for moving and innovating very fast. Often little thought is applied to how to make software stand up to the test of time. There is a burning need for long-lived software to support our long lived products, infrastructure, and services.

This talk will present an exciting and compelling new program that provides long-lived support for Eclipse software. Find out what this means, how to participate, and how to benefit from this program.


Oops I hadn't seen the talk

Oops I hadn't seen the talk was proposed by Andrew :) I should have figured out it was about LTS! :)

I believe the talk is about

I believe the talk is about the Eclipse Long Term support initiative. It would be great if the abstract would highlight this a little more

I like your abstract :)

I like your abstract :) however, is there any chance that you could share with us existing slideware in case you already delivered this presentation? This would definitely help to understand more concretely what the talk would be about.
Thank you!