Eclipse 4 Application Platform: Not commonly known features of the new platform

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Standard [25 minutes]

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In this talk we'll do 2 things:

  • We'll explore not commonly known feature of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform:
    Did you for example know that you can invent your own annotions? You can implement clever resourcemanagement using context functions? Or that you not necessarily have to use SWT? Or did you know that translation not necessarily have to come from property-Files any more but one could do them on the fly using some translation service?

    As a showcase we'll implement an application with JavaFX to show what can be done by combining the Eclipse Application Platform with other widget toolkits but we'll also look at how it can help one to write better structured SWT-RCP applications

  • Show how you can apply this not only to new RCP applications but use DI also in your IDE plugins to make them lightweighter, ...


Hi Tom We would like to

Hi Tom

We would like to accept your talk as a standard talk. (The vast majority of talks will be standard talks) . Please let us know until Friday if this is ok for you.

Thank you