Easy as BIRT: Introduction to Reporting

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Reporting can be the bane of IT and has driven a stake through the heart of many a good developer. Your team has spent months developing and architecting the “greatest data store in the history of mankind”, only to have no flashy way to show off the work that has been done. Ultimately the packaging is what your consumers judge your application by and that where BIRT comes in a big way. Want to learn how to put the “WOW” in that app; Join us in this session to learn how BIRT can deliver rich content that’s fully interactive and offers sizzle, in a very short period of time.

This session details the components that make up the BIRT project and how to get started with the BIRT designer, to produce high quality interactive reports. Attendees will learn how to localize and customize reports for specific end users, how to deploy BIRT within your Java EE applications and develop componentized applications using BIRT libraries and templates. In addition developers will be shown how to leverage existing Java objects within a BIRT report to further refine the end user experience. This session is a hands on dive into the BIRT project and all content will be demonstrated using BIRT tools with very little Power Point.

This session’s intended audience is developers and managers who are looking to include reporting in there Web based applications.