Do It Yourself coolness: Arduino and M2M development with Koneki

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Standard [25 minutes]

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Machine-to-Machine technologies are getting more and more common nowadays, in domains as diverse as the telematics system of your personal car, that can send an SMS with your current GPS position in case you have an accident, or the home automation system you may have at home and that you can control remotely using a dedicated application on your smartphone.

Koneki is an Eclipse Technology incubator project created in May 2011 to provide Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution developers with the tools and frameworks needed to design such solutions.

This talk will be an introduction to Machine-to-Machine technologies (because they are cool!), and will show you how Eclipse technologies, in particular Koneki, can be of great help when it comes to crafting your own Arduino-based (because Arduino is cool too!) M2M solution.