Cloud-Enabled Java Persistence: Blazing the Trail to EE 7 with EclipseLink

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Standard [25 minutes]

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One of the major themes of Java EE 7 and JPA 2.1 is multi-tenancy and EclipseLink, the JPA 2.1 reference implementation, has blazed the trail by shipping support for both multi-tenancy and tenant specific extensions in the Eclipse Indigo release. EclipseLink multi-tenancy enables the use of a single persistence unit by multiple tenants while keeping their data isolated and secure. But to provide a SaaS platform EclipseLink also provides tenant specific extensions so that each tenant can augment JPA entities with the additional data they need to capture and maintain.

In this session we will:
· Look at the challenges presented by multi-tenancy in Java EE and JPA
· Explore the EclipseLink JPA multi-tenancy and extensibility features
· Introduce the EclipseLink MOXy extensibility features that enable exposing multi-tenant and extended data over REST
· Explore a complete multi-tenant Java EE application that supports dynamic tenant provisioning and customization

This session will include live demos.