Building a Small Client Server Application with Eclipse Scout (Presented by BSI)

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Sponsored Workshop

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In this hands-on tutorial, attendees will learn to build a small client server application with Eclipse Scout. Attendees will:
1) Build and deploy the "hello world" application
2) Add SQL Service to access a Derby Database on the backend side
3) Add an Edit dialog to create/edit new content
4) Demonstrate some UI elements/simple topics from which participants can choose to add to their application

Steps 1-3 should take between 45 and 60 minutes. In the remaining time, participants will be supported to do their thing.

Attendees should:
- Bring their own laptop computer
- Have Eclipse Scout successfully installed from the Eclipse downloads page
- Note that we will be happy to help with installing Scout; please see us at our ECE booth (#4)

Attendees should have:
- Working Java knowledge
- Some SQL knowledge
- Rudimentary knowledge about Eclipse Platform
- Know how to use Eclipse as an SDK