Build your EPUBs with Eclipse, and read them too

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Standard [25 minutes]

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EPUB is rapidly becoming a preferred format for electronic publications and is thus supported by many reading systems; from desktop applications to handheld devices such as Android or iOS driven ones. The newest specifications which allows very rich publications is bound to make the format even more popular. EPUB is now used for everything from romantic novels to highly technical content. Maybe even for your next user guide?

Assembling EPU files correctly is a fairly complex task. It sometimes involves deep knowledge of the specification, even when using currently available authoring software. This process has become much easier with new tooling for Eclipse which will be presented and demonstrated. It will also be shown how publications of this format can be read from within your Eclipse based IDE.

Slides are published at Slideshare.


It should be ready by the

It should be ready by the next Mylyn release which will take place in November (version 3.7). See Eclipse bug 332122: Add ANT task for converting from wiki markup to EPUB format

There is also some more information here:

When and how will this

When and how will this tooling be available?