BRIDE and the YouBot: Transforming the Robotics Industry with Eclipse

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Extended [55 minutes]

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We demonstrate the ongoing results and efforts of BRICS an EU FP7 project. The prime objective of BRICS is to structure and formalize the robot development process itself and to provide tools, models, and functional libraries, which help accelerating this process significantly. Two of the specific objectives of the BRICS project are the formal representation and sharing of best practices in robotics using a common DSL for component based robotic software and the software tooling to support the development and realization of such a DSL. We present the BRICS Component Model (BCM) as the core of a DSL for robotics and BRIDE as an MDE IDE for robotics.

BRIDE is implemented as a set of GMF editors integrated with the CDT which provides a simple MDE solution for CBD. The GMF editors are linked to the CDT functionality by using M2M and M2T transformations from and to the BCM and a domain model of the Orocos Toolchain using the tools provided by the Epsilon project.. The Orocos Toolchain is a set portable C++ libraries for advanced machine and robot control implemented as a component framework. The robotic development process begins with the graphical definition of a component based application which is then transformed to a C++ project with additional artifacts necessary for the execution of the code within a robotic system. We demonstrate the robotic development process using BRIDE for creating executable robotic software. We will deploy the realized software on the Kuka YouBot, a new mobile platform for research and education from KUKA. KUKA is a German company and is the third largest industrial robot manufacturer in the world and a partner in the BRICS project.



Project web site:

Alpha release site of BRIDE:


Yes, we will bring a YouBot

Yes, we will bring a YouBot and demonstrate the code developed on BRIDE deployed on the robot. The demo will be simple and similar to the following demos (the following demos where NOT made with BRIDE):


One of our major goals in presenting at EclipseCon is to gather suggestions and comments from the Eclipse community on improving BRIDE and the Robotic Software Development Process we are formulating.

The project will be open sourced sometime next year during the beta phase or when we do the first release.

And by "deploy on YouBot" you

And by "deploy on YouBot" you mean that you will have one of those 20.000+€ geek dreams in the talk?