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    EclipseSource Munich

    Edgar Mueller is a Software Engineer at EclipseSource Munich ( He has several years of experience with Eclipse RCP and EMF and is a committer to the EMFStore ( and the EMF Client Platform ( projects.
    Edgar holds a Master Degree in computer science, which he has received from TU Munich.

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    ES - Computersysteme

    Eike is an independent consultant in the areas of OSGi and modeling with over 25 years of experience in software development. With his consulting company ES-Computersysteme, founded back in 1991, he conducted dozens of successful customer projects. Eike is the leader of the CDO Model Repository and Net4j Signalling Platform projects at Eclipse and a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council. He is also committer on the EMF Client Platform, EMF DiffMerge and Mylyn projects and has won the Top Committer Eclipse Comunity Award 2010. Visit Eike's blog for more information...

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    ekkes-corner UG

    ekke lives and works as an Independent Software Architect and Senior ERP Consultant in the south of germany.

    ekke survived many technologies since more then 30 years- he started development in 1978 using Assembler, Cobol, ..., works with Apple PCs from the beginning and now is a fan of Eclipse, Open Source and Model-Driven-Software-Development. ekke is Committer of the Eclipse Riena Project.

    last years ekke's main focus is on development of mobile business solutions for BlackBerry 7 (Java), BlackBerry 10 (C++, Cascades) and Android 4+.
    As of today ekke is doing only mobile development for BlackBerry 10 - there's also an EclipseCon Conference APP built by ekke in BlackBerry World.

    If there is some time ;-) ekke likes:
    - travelling as backpacker to the island of crete
    - making photos of nature
    - reading books, listening music...
    and of course spend time with his wife and kids.

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    QNX Software System

    Elena Laskavaia is currently the Technical Lead for the QNX IDE/Tools group, specializing in application profiling, memory analysis and debugging tools.

    Also Elena is a committer on Eclipse CDT project (C/C++ Development tools). Prior to QNX, Elena was designing static analysis tools for C, C++ and Java (at Klocwork).

    During her career, she has authored few articles, including: "Real-time garbage collection technics for functional languages" (1996), "Visualization of control structures for procedural languages" (1998), "Memory Profiling for Embedded Systems" (2008).

    Elena Laskavaia holds a masters degree from the Moscow State University in Applied Math and Computer Science.

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    Eric Clayberg, a former co-founder of Instantiations (acquired by Google in 2010), is the Engineering Manager for the Dart Editor project at Google and Project Lead for the WindowBuilder project at ( He is a seasoned software technologist, product developer, entrepreneur, and manager with more than 21 years of commercial software development experience, including 15 years of experience with Java and 12 years with Eclipse. He has been responsible for creating more than a dozen commercial Java, Eclipse and Smalltalk products including the award winning WindowBuilder Pro, CodePro, and VA Assist product lines. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from MIT, an MBA from Harvard, and is co-author of "Eclipse Plug-ins" (3rd Edition, Dec 2008), Addison Wesley, 2008. ISBN: 0-321-55346-2 (

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    Motorola Mobility, Inc.

    Eric Cloninger is the Product Line Manager for MOTODEV Tools and the lead for the Eclipse Foundation Sequoyah project. At Motorola Mobility, he leads a team of developers working on open source projects and products targeting Android mobile devices. Eric is an alumnus of the Oklahoma State University.

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    IBM Rational Canada

    I've been doing UI work since well before the term came into use (my second program produced a triangle...of asterisks...on a teletype !).

    Since then I've had an interesting career but all my jobs share a common theme; put useful things onto a screen, usually for folks to manipulate.

    In 2006 I was lucky enough to be able to join the Eclipse Platform UI team and eventually become a Platform UI Committer. Since then I've tried to update the UI, most notably re-defining the min/max behavior.

    Starting in 2008 I was part of the team designing the 'e4' architecture and producing some of the early presentation code. As time progressed I was made the Eclipse 4 Dev lead and since then have been mostly concerned with re-implementing the Eclipse IDE on top of the 'e4' architecture, eventually releasing the first production version in Juno.

  • ERules
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    Felix Meschberger works as a Principal Scientist at Adobe and spends most of his time on OSGi related projects like Apache Felix and Apache Sling as well as the platform for Adobe's CQ 5 Web Experience Management System.

    In addition he serves on the OSGi Alliance Board of Directors and participates in the OSGi Enterprise and Core Platform Expert Groups.

  • fortiss GmbH
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    Red Hat

    I worked as a Java EE consultant in several IT companies, for more than 10 years. Once a simple Eclipse user, I joined the dark side of tool builders when I contributed the first comprehensive WTP support to m2eclipse, back in 2008.

    When the WTP support became a standalone project (m2e-wtp i.e. Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP), I became its project lead.

    Since April 2011, I joined the JBoss Tools team, at Red Hat, where I'm paid to work on my hobbies. Yeah it's outrageous, I know.

  • Obeo

    Frederic Madiot is Products Manager at Obeo. He has 17 years of experience in developing model-driven tools to industrialize the development of new applications and the modernization of existing systems.

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    Findout Technologies AB

    Fredrik Attebrant works at FindOut Technologies focusing on Eclipse based product development and consulting. He is working with model based RCP products with a background as team lead for a real-time modeling team at IBM/Rational. Currently he is leading the development of a product planning tool.

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    Sierra Wireless

    Gaetan Morice works at Sierra Wireless, a leading company in the domain of M2M (Machine to Machine), as lead for embedded development tooling. M2M, also known as IoT (Internet of Things), is a new set of technologies that helps connecting every day devices (car, consumer electronics, home, industrial equipments, etc) to the internet and enabling lots of new exiting possibilities (remote management, huge data collections, ambient information). Together with other companies, Sierra Wireless, launched the M2M Industry Working Group at Eclipse ( and several related projects: Koneki for the tooling and Mihini for embedded frameworks.

  • Combitech

    PhD in Mechatronics from Linköping University 1996.

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    Constant Contact

    Gil Irizarry has worked in software development for over 20 years as both a software developer and engineering manager. Gil is currently a program manager at Constant Contact, managing the integration of their software suite and managing the cross-functional launch of their latest product. Gil serves on Constant Contact's Agile Council, guiding teams on how to become agile. He is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), a Kanban coach and has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP

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    CSC Switzerland GmbH

    Gilles is a software architect for the CSC located in Bern, Switzerland, working for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).

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    Grant Shipley is an OpenShift PaaS Evangelist at Red Hat focused on cloud technologies. Prior to that, Grant was a Manager of Software Development with responsibilities over the website and supporting infrastructure. Grant has over 10 years of software development experience focusing on Java and PHP. In his free time, he contributes to several open source projects as well as developing iOS applications. Grant has been using Linux on a daily basis since 1994 and is active in the FOSS community.

  • Oracle

    Greg Stachnick is a senior principle product manager in the Development Tools division at Oracle. He currently covers Oracle's Eclipse-based IDE, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, the Oracle Developer Cloud Service, and Hudson Continuous Integration Server. Greg has been involved in Eclipse tools development since 2000.

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    Motorola Mobility, Inc.

    Greg is an Android Technology Evangelist at Motorola Mobility Inc., helping developers to create the best possible Android applications. Prior to joining Motorola Greg was at Palm (and its various incarnations) doing similar work for the Palm OS developer community. Before that he had stints with various companies including Apple, NeXT, Rational, and Atari (back when they made home computers, consoles, and arcade games). Greg has been programming since the early days of the microcomputer, and has written software for programmable calculators, IBM mainframes, and an assortment of microprocessor architectures and microcomputer operating systems.

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    Gregg Sporar has worked in the software industry for over 25 years as a developer, development lead, technology evangelist, and currently as a product manager at Planview, the world