Machine-to-Machine contest

We have spread sensors and various sorts of devices (including an actual robot made of Lego Mindstorms NXT) all over the Forum, and invite you to unleash your creativity by designing an application that will use all the data.

Mobile app, augmented reality, social interactivity… the only limit is your imagination, and the winner will get an Apple iPad 2!

If you don’t feel like writing a whole application and would like to be part of the contest, just fill in a ticket at Sierra Wireless' booth, and join our daily draw to try to win cool swag!

The jury would love to see really cool apps, and has a few suggestions to boost your inspiration:

  • An interactive smartphone widget displaying the temperature in the Schlosspark lobby
  • An augmented reality application that uses the phone's camera and the sensors QR-codes to display values
  • An Eclipse bundle displaying an overview of all the sensor values using BIRT charts, or Nebula widgets

Detailed instructions, including the documentation of the API you should use to get the data, as well as an application example can be found at