Java 7 Summit


We are pleased to announce the Java 7 Summit, a co-located event at EclipseCon Europe. In collaboration with Oracle, we are presenting the Summit to offer Java developers and architects an in-depth technical education on the recent Java 7 release and on OpenJDK.

The Summit will feature expert speakers from Oracle and the wider OpenJDK community. Java 7 sessions are open to all ECE attendees.


New version of Dr. Safonov's Java book is published in Germany

This is to let the colleagues know that the new version of my Java book is just published in Germany by LAP Publishers. The book includes material on Java 7 and oncoming Java 8. More information on my book companion Web page:

Java 7 Summit

I think Java 7 Summit is a great event.
Will propose a session and attend.
We all have been waiting for Java 7 for a few years.
My warmest greetings to the organizers of the event
and to all Java developers and users.

Professor Vladimir O. Safonov,
St. Petersburg University,
Head of Java Technology Lab,
Java technology user and developer since 1996,
the author of "Introduction to Java Technology" -
a Russian Java textbook recommended for all Russian universities,
Java Community Process member.