Java 7 Summit

The Eclipse Foundation, in collaboration with Oracle, is pleased to present the Java 7 Summit. The Java 7 Summit offers Java developers and architects an opportunity to gain in-depth technical education on the new innovations introduced into the recent Java 7 release.

Java 7 is the first major release of the platform in almost five years. It introduces many improvements and new features including a new Fork/Join Framework, new File System API, enhanced support for Language Implementers, and a collection of language changes managed in a project known as "Coin." It also represents the first release where most of the development has been done in OpenJDK, with significant contributions coming from the Java community. Attendees of the Summit will receive key technical education on these new Java 7 features, and learn more about OpenJDK.

The Summit features expert speakers from Oracle and the wider OpenJDK community. A list of Java 7 sessions can be viewed here. The Java 7 Summit is co-located with EclipseCon Europe, and attendees will have access to all sessions.