DBeaver: efficient way to work with SQL and NoSQL from Eclipse IDE.

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Most of us, developers, use databases quite regularly.
SQL, NoSQL, flat-files, spreadsheets - it does not matter. We change our databases frequently. But we don't like to change our tools, we prefer to have one solid interface. Best option if our tools are integrated into our favorite IDE.

We are creators of DBeaver, the most popular Eclipse tool for the database management. We develop DBeaver for more than 7 years in the competitive open-source world and we think we know how to deal with data. We would like to share tips, tricks and best practices about working with data and SQL efficiently.

  • How to integrate database development into your favorite Eclipse IDE?
  • How to work with data and transactions easily?
  • How to design your database structure?
  • How to construct your SQL-queries without actual SQL-writing?
  • How to maintain your databases?
  • And much more

And of course, we would love to get your feedback and suggestions - how to make DBeaver even more exciting.


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25 Oct 2018 - 11:30 to 25 Oct 2018 - 12:05
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does your talk focus on the community or enterprise edition of DBeaver?

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Serge Rider (dbeaver.com)'s picture

It will be about DBeaver in general and mostly about the open-source community version. But we will show some Enterprise features as well for to give a full picture.

Sorry for late reply.

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