Zach Musgrave

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Zach Musgrave
Amazon Web Services
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Software Development Engineer
java, perl, aws, wtp, cnf, data binding, swt, running

Zach Musgrave is a fierce advocate for the value of client-side software in a service-side world. He has been writing developer productivity tools at Amazon since 2005, specializing in Java libraries and Eclipse plug-ins. Together with Jason Fulghum, he authored the Eclipse plug-in which integrates Eclipse with Amazon's internal build system and made Eclipse a first-class citizen at Amazon. He has also built numerous web services at Amazon, including the original version of AWS Auto Scaling. Since 2010, he has been working on the AWS SDK for Java and the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. He has previously spoken about Eclipse plug-in development at AWS re:Invent 2012 in a talk titled "Develop, Deploy, and Debug with Eclipse." In his free time, Zach enjoys water skiing, snowboarding, and distance running.


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