Romain Guider

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Romain Guider
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Software engineer
Modeling, Eclipse platform, EMF, Language implementation, compilers, Java programming language, Java Virtual Machine

As a software engineer at Obeo since 2010, I've been working on projects around business rules, DSLs and reverse engineering. All my activities at Obeo involve EMF and Eclipse.
Before that, I worked for 6+ years at Sun Microsystems on the Sun Java Real Time System which is a real-time derivative of Java SE. There, I mainly concentrated on making the JIT compiler of the hotspot JVM realtime friendly.
Before being at Sun, I've spent three years in the Silicomp Research Institute (former The opengroup research institute) working on a java bytecode to C compiler for critical realtime systems.
Last, I started all this as a PhD student at INRIA working on static analysis algorithms, especially algorithms applied to the java programming language.

During these years, I gave several talks in international academic conferences (ISORC05, EMSOFT02, FMOODS00) and a french conference (a talk at Solution Linux/Open Source 2008 about porting the Java Realtime System on Realtime Linux)


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2 years 3 weeks

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