Sabri Skhiri

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Sabri Skhiri
Job title
R&D director
Modeling, Eclipse, Distributed processing, distributed storage, high performance computing, architecture and Design.

I lead the EURA NOVA R&D department and manage internal research projects, back office R&D requests, technological watch for customers, technical assessments and innovation forum within EURA NOVA.

I also lead the Carrier software European R&D architecture team at Huawei Technologies in which I manage several innovation projects and customer first-offs. Finally during my free time I am committer on the RoQ Messaging project.

I have been working on Eclipse since 2003, in a Research project in bioinformatics using GEF when tutorials were not an easy thing to find, afterward I worked on the JSLEE Service Creation Environment architecture and development @Alcatel-Lucent. In 2009 I initiated the Eclipse Messaging Model Editors project @Swift. Today among other projects, I lead the EMF-based generic IDE platform @Huawei Technologies.


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2 years 3 weeks

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