Justin Ribeiro

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Justin Ribeiro
Stickman Ventures, Inc
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Partner / Perpetual problem solver
open web, m2m, scale, 3d printing, java, perl, python, javascript, standards, mqtt, apis, php, vtk, opengl, webgl

Only the facts, numbered for your convenience.

  1. I have both a long track record of software engineering experience (16+ years...oy, I'm getting old), but that I also have not one but two degrees in business (odd, I know).
  2. I started a company called Stickman Ventures, Inc back in 2007 with Gareth Coen. Still going strong building amazing experiences and products. And no, we're not a startup. We're a business!
  3. I heart the hacking. I will hack pretty much anything that interests me. Code, hardware, house, car, kids toys...I don't care.
  4. I've been known to speak on technology and business for various chapters of the Small Business Development Centers run by the SBA. I also actively speak at Chamber of Commerce events and on occasion teach science to first and second graders.


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