Speakers' Corner - Ryan D. Brooks

Ryan D. Brooks - This ALM is a confluence of parallels !

1. Could you briefly talk about OSEE?
The Open System Engineering Environment is an integrated, extensible tool environment for large engineering projects. It provides a tightly integrated environment supporting lean principles across a product's full life-cycle in the context of an overall systems engineering approach. OSEE's feature set includes configuration management, requirements management, testing, validation, and project management.

2. Is it true that OSEE was built to design the Apache Attack Helicopter? Can you give us more details?
While the Apache has been in production since the early 1980s, the next generation model (Block III) was to be a much more integrated, sophisticated system. It was believed that to engineer such a complex mission critical system like this, we had to develop it in a more collaborative, integrated way. OSEE was born to meet this engineering challenge.

3. Why does Boeing need something like OSEE and how are you using it today?
The Apache has become a platform for integrating many information sources and controlling other systems such as Unmanned Arial vehicles (UAVs). This requires a robust engineering environment in order to do the systems and software engineering on such a large scale. Additionally, Boeing relies upon OSEE’s variant management and advanced porting capabilities to efficiently develop and manage the large number of aircraft variants. Following the successful use of OSEE in the development of the Apache helicopter, it is now being used to launch a new helicopter, the AH-6.

4. In your session, Jyothi, from Bosch, is joining you to talk about how the Eclipse platform is harnessed for developing software in the automotive industry. Can you tell us more about what you mean by this?
Yes, OSEE is built on an extensible application framework and core services which enable a rich and diverse set of applications to share a common data model and persistence layer. Bosch has leveraged this to define a data model appropriate for automotive engineering while benefiting from the same systems and software engineering capabilities, such as variant management, that Boeing uses to engineer the Apache and AH-6 helicopters.

5. What is your favorite EclipseCon memory?
Wow, there are so many great EclipseCon memories. How do I pick just one? Ok I’ll force myself to pick a class of memories (sorry, but I’m a software engineer). Every year EclipseCon is the single most productive week of the year for my team because of the great face-to-face interaction we get whether it is hammering out some code with one of the gurus for a particular technology or meeting with interested parties who may want to collaborate on the further development and use of OSEE.

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