UI testing with Jubula - wacky widgets 2.0

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Standard [35 minutes]

Standard widgets and usage concepts are great. They are known by users, respond in expected ways, and are generally testable out-of-the-box with UI automation tools like Jubula.

Apparently though, standard widgets are boring, that table-in-a-combo-box-with-a-tree-in-it is the new black. Joking aside, the temptation (or necessity) to stray from the standard path will happen to all of us at one time or another. Good examples for that can e.g. be found in the Nebula project. You may well ask yourself what that means for UI testing ...

In this session Markus will give a brief introduction to Jubula and its toolkit concepts, as well as demonstrate how easy it is to extend Jubula to support even complex custom UI widgets.

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