Truly automated builds for the Eclipse Ecosystem. Finally!

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Standard [35 minutes]

You are probably familiar with the automated build and dependency management of Maven, Gradle or similar fancy tools?
You just define a project descriptor, add a bunch of dependencies and everything happens "automagically"...
Piece of cake huh?!

Well, there are, however, these RCP "unfortunates" for whom it is not quite that easy… Why's that, you might think?
Firstly, Eclipse RCP is an OSGi environment which extends the Java dependency model, so you can’t simply take a "jar" file and hope that it's going to work; believe me - it will not. Secondly, there are some additional RCP conventions that have to be followed, which makes it even more complex.

But wait! Isn't Tycho supposed to solve all of these problems? Yeah, well, Tycho can do a lot, but there is definitely "something" missing… What is more, the learning curve is really steep, so it’s very easy to go off down the wrong path wasting a lot of time on simple things.

The following blog entry outlines the problem perfectly:
The author presents five different approaches how to configure the build and dependency management in a Tycho / Eclipse RCP project and, in the end, she couldn’t really propose a satisfactory solution! Unfortunately, there is no "one-click" easy solution, but if you stick to some best practices and use the right tools you can relax while Maven does most of the hard work for you.

In this session I will:

  • present how to fully automate build and dependency management in your Eclipse RCP app,
  • thoroughly explain what the problem is really about and why you should bother,
  • demonstrate real-life examples and lessons learned the hard way (no more hello-worlds!),
  • introduce the p2-maven-plugin, authored by me, which serves as the missing piece in the integration between Maven and Tycho,
  • show how to bridge the gap between Maven-like and RCP-like dependency management styles so that all Maven features can be seamlessly used with "No Fear!",
  • outline how to unleash the power of Maven, Tycho and Jenkins.

Do not expect a mainstream, "happy-path" presentation, where everything is shiny and "works" out of the box. This is the place where we look under the hood, ask tough questions and analyze common mistakes. Experience it, grasp it, use the knowledge right away!

Are you struggling with an Eclipse RCP build? Do you want to finally get it right? ... Or maybe, you want to check out what a Roman goddess has to do with it? Whatever the reason is, you just can’t miss out on this!

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