Taking your model to the Mobile Web - EMFT Texo on HTML5

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Standard [35 minutes]

This talk and demo shows how you can use EMFT Texo to generate the complete application stack of a mobile HTML5 web application. This includes JPA entities, JSON REST webservices and a generic HTML5 web ui for maintaining your domain data. All artifacts are generated from an ecore or xsd model. The generated artifacts are deployed on Jetty using EclipseLink.

EMFT Texo is a project within the eclipse.org Eclipse Modeling Framework project. EMFT Texo uses model driven development techniques to provide a solution for generating standards compliant business web applications.

The talk will be a combination of slides and demo and cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to EMF and EMFT Texo
  • Generation (JPA annotated code, ORM): show how code can be generated and how generated code can be managed.
  • Texo runtime architecture: JSON Serialization, JPA integration, REST Webservice support for CRUD operations
  • Generic/Generated HTML5 data editor for EMF models
  • General HTML5 web user interface on EMF models

Depending on the time, the following topics will also be touched upon:

  • Using EMFT Texo to support RCP user interfaces in a 3-tier architecture
  • Controling artifact generation using annotated models
  • Model driven testing: generate your test data generation using EMFT Texo

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