Supercharging Application Development in the Cloud

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Standard [35 minutes]

Building high quality software on time and on budget is a complex and often frustrating process. Developers are constantly under pressure to operate more efficiently, cut costs and deliver on time. Unfortunately, these challenges are significantly magnified if developers do not have access to scalable, flexible and cost effective computing resources. With the availability of cloud computing resources, development and test teams are able to create these environments in the cloud, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the department.

This session will discuss how to create scalable development environments in the cloud, and present best practices for reducing time-to-market cycles and decreasing project costs. The session will also provide case-study evidence of companies running their development environments in the cloud. For example Calypso Technology, a provider of software solutions for financial institutions and corporate treasuries, struggled with configuring complex IT environments, and limited IT resources and globally distributed teams. By deploying agile IT environments to enable agile development, and by following the best practices discussed in this session, the company was able to:
- The company significantly increased the efficiency and flexibility of its worldwide staff
- Calypso was able to provision virtual, shareable environments in less than 15 minutes while also providing internal teams with an entire library of environments for easy recall.
Not only increased product turnarounds by 70%, but also decreased the time associated with build, release and support cycles by over 50%.

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