Rapid and sustainable UI design with e4 and wazaabi

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Standard [35 minutes]

E4, its modeled workbench and wazaabi share the same conceptual approach: both are are based upon live EMF models.
They mutually complete each other. The modeled workbench limits its action to the rendering of high level eclipse parts while wazaabi provides graphical components which make it possible to describe the content of form, property sheet and so on.
Moreover, wazaabi includes a live declarative binding mechanism between EMF models (UI and/or business models).
Wazaabi provides also a set of tools which ease the work of the developer and reduces the cost of maintenance.
Wazaabi is an eclipse project and is used in Telco industry for building reusable components of specific IDEs.

Thank to the live models, we don't need to launch another workspace when editing and designing.
During this talk, we will see how e4 application and workbench models and wazaabi fit together.

During this talk we will show :

  • How to obtain a property sheet or a form directly by dropping a business object into the wazaabi editor
  • How to test the databinding created during the UI inception
  • How to arrange the form and change its look and feel without launching another new workspace
  • How the UI and its databinding will follow the changes of the business model (Welcome in the real world where the models undergo change during project's life cycle)

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Eclipse 4
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