One application to rule UIs and in the Cloud we bind them

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Standard [35 minutes]

In the Eclipse 4 world great steps have been taken to abstract the application UI model from the actual UI implementation itself. This powerful concept presents us the opportunity to use abstract application definitions bound to UI components to help create dynamic applications.

This concept allows us some good opportunities but by itself doesn't lend us quite enough functionality. Enter P2. With P2 we can bind abstract UI definitions to core features, then use P2 to dynamically fetch and build application instances that may be defined by a programmer, by a designer or by a domain specialist who needs to use the application. Using a cloud service with semantic definitions of UI components to P2 features, we can start to build dynamic application instances with externally defined UIs to be used at runtime.

This talk will focus on how current UI designs (Eclipse + JavaFX + Android) allow us to separate application logic from display elements, how we can leverage P2 to bind those instances together and a demo of how this functionality can be used.

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