Hands-on with Virgo Nano Web, the enterprise ready Eclipse server

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Tutorial [3 hours]

Eclipse Virgo Nano Web is an Equinox-based native OSGi environment, capable of running Enterprise Java applications. It’s sitting at the heart of SAP NetWeaver Cloud platform, which was certified in Nov 2012 to comply with Java EE 6 Web Profile specification. As the large portion of the development effort took place inside Eclipse Virgo project – all the enterprise capabilities are already available there. At the same time Eclipse Virgo targets to cover few of the OSGi Enterprise features, which are implemented under the Eclipse Gemini projects. However, what to do in case of a large legacy Enterprise Java web application, which uses EJB, JPA, CDI and transactions? OSGi-fying it won't bring too much value - on one hand this is a time consuming process, and on the other - not all of these technologies have alternatives in the OSGi Enterprise spec. But still this is already a real scenario for many enterprise customers.
This is where Virgo Nano Web fits in.

Join us to get a hands-on experience with this cloud-ready enterprise-grade server and learn how to leverage its features in a standard and familiar manner. We will create several applications that will focus on different strengths of the server from compatibility with the standards by creating portable apps to friendly troubleshooting capabilities.
Also you'll learn how you can add OSGi into the picture and bring its benefits to legacy JavaEE applications.
Can't wait to see you there!

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