The Evolution of Persistence

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Standard [35 minutes]

The data access requirements of today’s Java applications keep expanding and EclipseLink continues to evolve to address these requirements. EclipseLink is well known as an object-relational mapping framework and as the JPA 2.0 and 2.1 reference implementation, but the EclipseLink team has been innovating in areas beyond just relational persistence and continues to deliver new solutions as new technologies arise.

One of the first new features was the development of the EclipseLink MOXy component which introduced advanced JAXB compliant XML binding. Building on core object/relational mapping and object/XML binding EclipseLink now provides a comprehensive set of front and back end data services for Java developers building enterprise and cloud applications. Recent innovations include: tenant data isolation for cloud deployment, extensible models to support per tenant customization, declarative RESTful data access services, JSON binding to support HTML5 REST clients, the ability to persist Java objects in NoSQL databases, and more.

In this session we’ll dive into these new features and build an application that goes from HTML 5 client to back end storage leveraging EclipseLink both in the front end for JSON over REST and on the back end for data persistence.

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