Enrich your RCP with an embedded NoSQL DBMS

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NoSQL was definitively the buzzword over last years. In the meantime, it has been replaced by "Cloud", "Social" and "Big Data". Anyhow, NoSQL is still an interesting and fascinating technique, by the way tightly coupled with big data. In case of NoSQL, we often think of big yellow elephants and complex setups. But, NoSQL is much more. Could you imagine that it can be used as an embedded database in your RCP application? Moreover, could you imagine that its setup is as easy as it is known from Derby, H2 or HSQLDB relational databases? Let me show you, that this is possible. The integration of such a database can be straightforward by requiring no user interaction. That's a big benefit in comparison to the big yellow elephant techniques and other solutions. Sure, we have to keep in mind that a local setup is not as powerful as a distributed system. In some situations, an embedded relational database is the choice number one. But a NoSQL solution is much more flexible than just using an embedded relational database. Therefore, I would like to give an impression how to utilize and include the open source NoSQL database OrientDB (http://www.orientdb.org) in your own RCP application. OrientDB offers a variety of functions. It can be used as a key/value store, as a document based (JSON) system, as an object relational mapper (ORM) or as a graph database. Moreover, it is published under the liberal Apache license, hence it can be bundled with an own application without restrictions. In summary, it is easy to enrich your own application with an embedded NoSQL DBMS that requires no user interaction. You won't regret it, definitively.

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