EMF 'n' Compare: Rescue Rangers

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Standard [35 minutes]

Did you ever cry, stuck in front of your monitor while comparing files in a human-unreadable format (XML, JSon, …)? Did you ever told yourself you could do smarter data processing if you only knew the delta between your inputs? Do you always trust the documentation of a tool that tells you that the new version is backward compatible? Have you ever had to migrate data to a new version of the schema or data model?

Most of the time, the pain in the neck in solutions to these problems is about computing differences between two or three data sources. EMF Compare is a generic framework that is able to compare any data model created through the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), and EMF is well known to be able to bridge a lot of technologies (XML, Java, JSon, Databases…). All of these advantages make this couple a very natural way to help and solve the aforementionned hair-pulling issues.

During this talk I will present a wide variety of use cases where EMF Compare would be very useful and for which you may not have even thought about it! The use cases will be as diverse as incremental parsing, data migration or even object-relational mapping. It will be demonstrated on stage with some code and examples.

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