Embrace change - and hope nobody notices

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Standard [35 minutes]

Have you ever come across the situation that you wanted to change the name of an Eclipse plugin that you wrote? Have you wanted to change the ID of the plugin itself, its package names, the ID of a project builder, or preference store IDs? It is easy to do this, but if you have thousands of users you start to think twice. What happens to their data? To their installations? To their workspaces? It is not trivial to provide a smooth upgrade path for your users in the context of those changes.
In this talk we discuss our experiences from modernizing bits and pieces of the tool suites we are working on (Spring Tool Suite, Groovy/Grails Tool Suite, Spring IDE, Grails IDE, Gradle Integration for Eclipse and some more). We discuss the good and the bad decisions and show how we solved many of the issues mentioned (migrating user workspaces, changing plugin names and IDs, etc).

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