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Standard [35 minutes]

What do you get when you cross an IBM DE, WebSphere Application Server, a Raspberry Pi and me? A Raspberry Pi running a lightweight application server controlling a house on the Isle of Wight. Come along to see a demo of how a Raspberry Pi, Eclipse Paho, and the OSGi based Liberty profile can be used together to switch the lights on and off on a house on another island.

Come to this session to have a play with the Raspberry Pi to hear what I did and some of the problems/fun I had! Also you'll what's likely to be the smallest computer WebSphere App Server has *ever* run on in the world, for your own eyes!

You'll also see Tinker Forge bricks in a modular hardware/software demo and an application server running on a mobile phone serving content to the audience!

For more info see www.raspberrypi.org/faq www.wasdev.net

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