Eclipse Seamless JavaScript Unit Testing

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Standard [35 minutes]

One of the biggest challenges of many enterprise web applications is the support on the different browsers with different versions. JavaScript code that runs on the Safari browser does not necessarily mean it will run correctly on the IE or the Firefox or the Google chrome browsers. This challenge is inherited from the lack of testing the JavaScript code that lives in the web application from day one. Without unit testing the JavaScript code, organizations will have to pay more money for testing and re-testing the application web pages after deciding to upgrade the current supported browsers (or after updating the JavaScript code of the pages with non-trivial features). This session illustrates in details how to efficiently unit test the JavaScript code of the Java web applications on the Eclipse platform.

The session shows the importance of JavaScript unit testing by showing how hard the developer's life can be without unit testing the application code. It shows what JavaScript unit testing is and illustrates the current complexities in testing the JavaScript code. The presentation discusses the requirements of a good JavaScript unit testing framework and as an example of a good JavaScript unit testing framework; the session introduces JsTestDriver. The session discusses the architecture, configuration, common constructs, and the different features of the JsTestDriver framework and how it can be integrated with Eclipse.

The session includes live demos that teach the audience how to develop JavaScript test cases for the synchronous and asynchronous JavaScript code and how to automate running the developed test cases using the build management tools integrated with Eclipse.

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