A Day in the Life of a Jazz.net Developer

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Standard [35 minutes]

Developing a web site demands agility. At every step of the development process, from planning and prototyping to staging and deployment, the web site must continue to service requests without downtime. Content updates and new features must be delivered quickly so that the site remains relevant, while at the same time ensuring stability and maximizing performance. This session will explore how we meet these demands by walking you through a day in the life of a Jazz.net developer, using the Rational Team Concert Eclipse client and our actual development artifacts.

The demo will highlight how we use Jazz source control to manage the flow of code between production and staging streams, the Jazz build engine for syncing source code with web servers, the Team Concert agile planning tool for prioritizing our product backlog, and team dashboards for monitoring project health and progress. This session will also include a discussion about how we use the scrum process to plan and deliver our work, including stand-ups, sprint planning sessions and retrospectives, and will highlight the features of Rational Team Concert that we use to run meetings and track sprint burndown.

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