Building a Tool based on EMF

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Standard [35 minutes]

EMF enables the automatic generation of the entity model for an application. Additional frameworks allow developers to create a running application including a UI to modify entities as well as a server to distribute the data. In this talk we demonstrate how the first version of your own application can be set up in less than one minute, just by providing your entity model with EMF. Based on the first version, we demonstrate how to iteratively adapt the first version and add additional, custom features. For the creation of the UI, we will use the EMF Client Platform and additional technologies such as databinding. This integrates also with the new Eclipse 4 Application Plattform. Furthermore, we demonstrate how to create a basic diagram editor with Graphiti. Finally, we show how to integrate different server solutions, such as CDO and EMFStore.

This talk is a revised version from EclipseCon Europe 2012. Based on the feedback we will do less demonstrations and more coding examples.

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