Better Navigate in the ALM/Software "Storm": Enterprise Architecture in an Agile Way

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Standard [35 minutes]

With the world of ALM and more generally of software changing so fast in terms of technologies, tools, platforms but also new practices and approaches, daily practitioners really need advanced help to deal with more and more complex software systems.
Under this storm, Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a good shelter allowing the involved actors to have a better global vision over whole applications, including their underlying infrastructures, interconnections, requirements, etc. Consequently, it gives them the opportunity to anticipate, plan and support with more agility the inevitable regular evolutions.
The brand new SmartEA agile solution, based on Eclipse and related (modeling) frameworks, proposes to practically address these problems in a scalable and configurable way.

This talk will start by briefly introducing the very basis of EA, especially the corresponding needs in terms of software features and tooling. Then, the ongoing story of the TEAP (TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Platform) collaborative project and SmartEA tool (being developed in its context) will be told:

  • Focus will be put on the added value this can bring to the various software practitioners in term of agility, more particularly when dealing with change management and evolution of applications.
  • As illustrations, concrete examples will be shown and demonstrated using SmartEA all along the talk.

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