Ask not, what will the future bring for Eclipse. Ask what, Eclipse will bring for the Future Internet: The FI-WARE project.

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Standard [35 minutes]

Nowadays more than 2,2 billion users worldwide use Internet, daily, from any kind of device and most of the business relies on the Internet as an “all-in-one” infrastructure spanning from data management to computational system. This means that the Internet as it was conceived more than 30 years ago may not be any longer suitable for today and future foreseen expectations and new ideas must be conceived and substantiated. These new ideas are embraced and materialized under the Future Internet concept.

This operational context brought to the FI-WARE initiative, whose main aim is to build the Core Platform of the Future Internet (referred as FI-WARE) by providing a framework for the development of smart applications or, simply, the Future Internet Applications (FIApp). Some of the peculiar characteristics of these applications are that:

  • FIApp mostly rely on third party components (e.g. e-services);
  • FIApp could be also made of original/custom code for a specific domain (e.g. eGov, Energy, etc.);
  • FIApp could run client side (e.g. app) or server side (e.g. a service);

To realize such applications it is not possible to rely only on traditional development approaches; it’s necessary to put in place additional design and development patterns involving collaborative and multidisciplinary actions.

This talk will start introducing FI-WARE, a co-founded European Commission project, to elaborate then on how the Eclipse ecosystem is adopted as reference solution and extended by FI-WARE to support developers and project managers to succeed in their daily work. The FI-CoDE IDE, a specific Eclipse bundle, will be presented together with the plug-ins that are selected accordingly to their role in the collaborative environment.
Real use cases, concrete adoption of the development-collaborative environment and FI-WARE platform will be discussed, highlighting pros and cons.

Last but not least, you can join the party, come to discover how!!!

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