Using the cloud to develop and test on-premise applications (Presented by Ravello)

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Sponsored Session

A lot of enterprises face internal capacity constraints around development and test resources. As a result, developers end up sharing environments, not testing enough and projects get delayed. Ideally,they would be able to use the public cloud to augment their internal capacity. However,the public cloud is a completely different environment, so its difficult to develop in the cloud and deploy back on-prem. Now there is a new way - Ravello allows developers, Devops or IT to create exact replicas of the on-premise production application in the cloud for development and test. This is enabled via unique technology that is called a Cloud Application Hypervisor. It features high performance nested virtualization and software defined networking.See how Ravello can help you supercharge your development.

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28 March 14:15 - 14:50


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