Continuous APM: from IDE to Production (Presented by Compuware)

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Sponsored Session

Continuous APM from IDE to Production
If you are a Development manager, CI guru, Test architect, or a QA/Test manager struggling to improve your application performance as it moves from dev to test to production, you should attend this session. The problem in development is that we always “think” that our code is fast enough. And that might be true on a local dev-machine with enough RAM and CPU power that can easily handle the single user load when testing the newly implemented feature or recent bug fix. But this environment doesn’t tell us what will happen when the application scales. Continuous changes on the codebase by different people over a longer period of time increase the probability of small problems sneaking in and accumulating over time into big problems. Multiple “New Features” or “Bug Fixes” across the code base from different developers impact each other. A new approach used by 660+ companies is used continuously across the entire application lifecycle, (particularly early on in development). It yields dramatic time savings with no re-run test iterations, trying to recreate problems or isolate an offending line of code. This session will outline the technology and process used in this new approach development lifecycles.

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28 March 10:15 - 10:50


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