p2 in the Enterprise (Presented by eBay)

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Sponsored Session

Remember the good old days of the drop-ins folder in Eclipse to add additional tools to your Eclipse installation? eBay remembers them all to well. While the drop-ins folder made it easy to maintain individual installations of Eclipse, it was quite a challenge to maintain a large enterprise wide installed base, and keep them constantly updated, with this approach.

With the advent of p2, eBay created installers and repository managers to help manage the releases and updates of their various installations of Eclipse. The remote profile based installer has helped create a consistent experience for their developers, at the same time providing a lot of flexibility for the administrators to have a fine grained control over the installed plug-ins.

In this talk, eBay will present their trials and tribulations of managing Eclipse installations across multiple continents for multiple Eclipse based products. The talk will include demos and an outlook on what's coming next.

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28 March 13:30 - 14:05


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