Rapid application development for Eclipse, browser and mobile simultaneously (Presented by OnPositive)

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Sponsored Session

In today’s day and age, having rich web application, desktop client and mobile client application is standard requirement for any business service. Developing representation layer and client business logic for each platform separately is a legacy approach becoming obsolete rapidly.

Eclipse ecosystem provides several solutions to a subject: Eclipse Scout, RAP, E4, etc. There is another typical issue plaguing representation layer development: boilerplate and redundant UI code, that results in hardly maintainable and supportable applications. Although Model Driven Architecture approach attempts to solve this by moving development focus from UI, the traditional MDA tools lack mobile support, and require specific development skills.

This presentation will demonstrate current and potential approaches to develop presentation layers simultaneously for Eclipse, mobile and browser in declarative style. We will show how to develop real-life business application for Eclipse, web and Android in half an hour using our custom-made technology stack.

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28 March 11:00 - 11:35


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