The Future of Mobile Development (Commonwealth Complex)

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The explosive adoption of mobile devices over the past five years has lead to opportunities that can't be ignored as well as a new set of complex challenges. Developers are looking to deploy the fastest, most immersive, and most intuitive mobile apps to devices that are limited by capacity, screen size, and network bandwidth. Strategies for cross-platform support, error handling, data capture, and quality assurance must be considered in any serious mobile project.

In this keynote talk, Jeff Seibert will draw upon his experiences creating one of the most successful mobile development tools in the iOS and Android ecosystems. He will explore the unique challenges that mobile development entails, share best practices from his team and many of the top app developers in mobile today, and break down the steps necessary to successfully implement a winning mobile strategy.

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27 March 09:30 - 10:00


Mobile Development
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